Only 28 amazingly large 3 & 4 bedroom residences on the front line of the Mediterranean Sea.

Months of hard work and deep planning have given birth to emare. It is the result of a team work, focused on the creation of the “Perfect Homes” adapted to the new lifestyle, using the most innovative design together with the latest quality materials, many of them specially created for emare.

On the front line of the Mediterranean Sea, Erasur Group has conceived a new idea of residential complex, where each of the privileged families who lives in the complex, will enjoy a new concept of apartment, that even though being apartments conveying the sense to be living in a villa.

Counting with amazing windows and enormous terraces, each of the buildings that compound the complex is frontal to the beach, making possible the enjoyment of endless views of the Mediterranea Sea.

On an almost 20.000 m2 front line beach plot of land, emare is a High Security Gated Complex, of just 6 small blocks, comprising only 28 amazingly large 3 & 4 bedroom residences and exclusive access to the beach. Each of the apartments includes a minimum of 3 large parking spaces, with direct access into a private “basement-storage”, directly connected with each of the homes through a private elevator.

The modern design of the gardens still conserves a Mediterranean essence, most of these gardens are spread between the residential and the sea, where a new concept of swimming pool merges with the nature. Swimming in emare all year round on a front line beach position, becomes possible thanks to its large dimension Outdoor Heated pool, which integrates a “Bajo Shelf”area (Solarium) and it is run by salt chlorination system. The infinity side of the pool gives the final touch, allowing an amazing visual integration of both waters, the pool one with the sea one.

The total built sizes of the 3 bedroom apartments go from 405 m2 up to 431 m2, and the 4 bedroom ones from 548 m2 up to 813 m2.

The design of the construction together with the most advanced technologies, as well as the innovative materials used, have given way to the breath-taking Smart Apartments that compound emare.

  • Concrete slab foundations

  • Structure with reinforced concrete walls and pillars and waffle slabs, in accordance with current regulations

  • The exterior walls consist of a cavity wall with brickwork by perforated bricks, a non-ventilated cavity with insulation by glass wool, and an interior double hollow brick wall

  • Dividing walls between apartments or between apartments and communal areas are double, made up of a wall constructed with double hollow bricks and another of perforated bricks, insulation with mineral wool and a non-ventilated intermediate cavity

  • Interior partition walls in the apartment constructed with double hollow bricks

  • Terrace parapets for the apartments, where appropriate, constructed by means of a frameless glass railing, fastened to the edge of the slab or embedded into the parapet wall according to the design. Where appropriate according to the design, these will be constructed by means of a parapet wall of perforated bricks, pointed and painted or by a reinforced concrete wall

  • Dividing walls between the terraces of the apartments constructed by means of a combination of walls of perforated bricks, pointed and painted, and glass panels embedded in the construction, depending on the design

  • Dividing parapets in the solariums as well as in the terraces with technical areas constructed with perforated bricks to the required height, finished with natural stone coping

  • Exterior walls are finished with water-proof cement mortar where appropriate in accordance with the design

  • Interior walls and ceilings have plaster finishes

  • False ceiling in various areas of the apartment at various heights according to the room in question and perimeter cavities in accordance with the design

  • False ceiling on covered terraces, providing continuity from the interior of the apartment to the terrace

  • On interior floors, ‘XLight’ porcelain tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, with a polished finish, 1.2 x 1.2 m in size with continuous design throughout the entire apartment. No individual breaks are done between rooms, in order to provide continuity to the spaces as well as to the connection of the interior and exterior of the apartment and terrace

  • Floating floors on terraces, made with ‘XLight’ porcelain tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, with Nature finish, 1.2 x 1.2 m in size, with continuous design to emphasise continuity from the interior of the apartment. The interior-exterior is fully flush

  • On solarium floors, ‘XLight’ porcelain tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, with Nature finish, 1.2 x 1.2 m in size with continuous design

  • For communal areas (vestibules), porcelain tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA’ or similar

  • For communal areas (vestibules), occasional tiling in triple height areas with porcelain tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA’ or similar

  • Tiling in bathrooms with ‘XLight’ tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, with a polished finish, with floor-to-ceiling tiles measuring up to 2.5 m combined with other tiles of varying heights, according to the design. In the main bathrooms, the aforementioned tiling will be combined with black ‘XLight’ porcelain tiles with a polished finish by PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, with full floor-to-ceiling tiles measuring up to 2.5 m to emphasise specific elements. Other walls in the bathroom will be plaster finish and painted in white

  • For sliding doors giving access to trafficable terraces, reduced profile aluminium by ‘SCHUCO’ or similar, graphite finish, from floor to ceiling, the lower profile is flush with the floor, with thermal break and ‘silence’ double glazing with solar control, low emissivity and non-coloured Polyvinyl Butyral layer. All these sliding doors will conceal into the walls, except in the upper level of the penthouse in block 1.

  • The rest of the doors and windows are aluminium by ‘SCHUCO’ or similar in a graphite finish, with thermal break and ‘silence’ double glazing with solar control, low emissivity and non-coloured Polyvinyl Butyral layer

  • Armoured front door from floor to ceiling, 2.4 m height, without flashing. The inside is finished in smooth bleached laminated oak wood and the outside with vertical slats, exclusively designed for emare. Opening system using fingerprint recognition to control the opening by a security lock, concealed security hinges, anti-noise rubber, stainless fittings and designer handle finished in titanium colour

  • Interior doors from floor to ceiling, 2.4 m height without flashing, smooth bleached laminated oak finish, matt brass colour concealed hinges, magnetic lock, stainless fittings, and designer handle finished in titanium colour

  • Smooth bleached oak wooden panelling from floor to ceiling in some areas of the apartment and communal areas, according to the design, including door jamb

  • Dressing rooms for master bedrooms have been exclusively designed, made of a light structure of graphite-coloured aluminium profiles, smooth bleached laminated oak wood and frameless folding smoked-glass (copper finish) doors from floor to ceiling. The design of the interior space has been carefully studied and is indirectly lit with LED lighting, fully fitted with accessories and a design that aims to foster the feeling of lightness and the weightlessness of the elements. Some of the secondary rooms in block no. 1 also have this type of dressing room designed with aluminium, wood, and glass, according to the design. The remaining wardrobes in the apartment are made of bleached laminated oak wood with panels in the same format as those of the interior doors and from floor to ceiling, with interior modules fully finished in melamine and an exclusive modular design for interior accessories, including LED lighting to highlight certain spaces

  • Skirting throughout the apartment where appropriate in white acquered wood 12 cm in height and totally flush with the wall, including copper colour profile

  • Special care has been paid to the study of the lighting in emare, combining various ambiences and smart home controls in accordance with the needs of each space. Similarly, the electrical junction boxes have been eliminated and all the electrical and telecommunication cabinets are concealed, having paid special attention to its position within the apartment

  • Two different types of lighting ambiences are created in the main rooms. One of them is made up of LED lighting with a diffusion panel for indirect and concealed lighting, located in different cavities in the apartment, to provide even and measured lighting. Depending on the room, for example in kitchens and bathrooms, LED lights are used to add subtlety on certain elements. The aforementioned LED lighting combines with spot lighting with plaster light fittings integrated in the false ceilings, dimmable lighting using PHILIPS LEDspot ExpertColor MV 5.5 W bulbs with a colour rendering index of 97 (unique on the current market), capable of showing the colours of an object as they truly are, considering that a colour rendering index of 100 is natural light. Both lighting systems can be controlled independently

  • ‘GIRA’ or similar automatic door opener, fully digital, on all the block entrances as well as at the main entrance door to the complex.

  • Sound system built in to the ceiling, SONANCE or similar invisible series with room control from the centralised screen in the living room or from any device with access to the internet/WiFi. Incredible sound comes from the ceiling without any visible trace of loudspeakers and can play music from your mobile device

  • Distributed WiFi repeater to provide full coverage throughout the apartment and on the terrace

  • Telephone and television sockets in all the bedrooms and living room

  • There are two types of ambient lighting available for the terraces. One of them uses spot lighting with plaster light fittings integrated into the false ceilings identical to those inside the apartment, providing continuity with it. The other system uses LED lights with diffusion panels flush with the floor (or in the low part of the parapets in solariums) to accent the perimeter of each terrace. All of these can also be controlled via smart home controls

  • Common areas (vestibules) are lit with indirect lighting on the wall and/or in the ceiling combined with decorative lamps around elements to be highlighted

  • The entire hot- and cold-water installation is executed in accordance with current regulations, with first quality pipework for cold water and heat-insulated pipework for hot water, with partial flow shut-off valves in each wet room and individualised for each device

  • Centralised air source heat pump for the production of domestic hot water and underfloor heating, providing the maximum energy efficiency

  • Communal water softening device

  • Hot and cold air-conditioning in the living room and bedrooms by means of ducting, including interior and exterior unit, Inverter, with AIR ZONE system incorporated into the smart home controls and nearly concealed linear grilles

  • Underfloor heating throughout the apartment using hot water piping and panel mountings that boost the sound proofing of the apartment

  • White porcelain suspended toilets (and suspended bidets where appropriate), model ‘Forma’ by ‘PORCELANOSA-NOKEN’ or similar, soft close, with concealed cistern and front flush actuation white-copper finish

  • Freestanding matte white Krion bathtub from the ‘Almond’ series by ‘PORCELANOSA’ or similar, with an almost sculptural design, in bedroom or main bathrooms of the penthouses, according to the design. The rest of the bathtubs are made entirely with matte white ‘Krion’, even the edge and sides of the bathtub according to the design, in such a way that there are no joints and the appearance is that of a compact block of white stone

  • Floating shower tray fully flush with the apartment’s floor, made with ‘XLight’ tiles by ‘PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, Nature finish, rectangular format and drainage thorough the joints. The size of the showers to be according to the requirements of the design

  • In the main bathroom, semi-recessed Krion matte white sink and counter, from the “Almond” serie by ‘PORCELANOSA’ or similar, and double sink depending on the design, combined with horizontal shelving and drawers with a bleached oak finish and front to be finished with smoked copper glass. In the guest restroom, free-standing Krion sink, combining white and black colour, from the “Almond” serie or similar, with spherical bowl. Other sinks will be either single or double, depending on the design, in white mate Krion with suspended cabinet or shelves white mate or wooden finish, where appropriate

  • Taps from the ‘Lounge’ series by ‘PORCELANOSA-NOKEN’ or similar, in a ‘Copper’ or ‘Titanium’ finish, depending on the design, thermostatic ones in showers and recessed on the counter, wall, or free-standing, where appropriate

  • Shower head flush with the ceiling in the style of ‘RainShower’ with rainwater, spray, and chromotherapy functions

  • Fixed tempered glass shower screen from floor to ceiling according to the design

  • Partition and tempered glass door in bathrooms (where appropriate), from floor to ceiling and with sliding opening

  • Mirror above sink in bathrooms with a design tailored to each space and with LED lighting where appropriate according to the design

  • High-end ‘PORCELANOSA-GAMADECOR’ or similar, kitchen, with waterproof surfaces and laser technology finish up to the ceiling, where appropriate, matte white lacquered finish on both sides and gently rounded edges, integrated handle or push-up system where appropriate and impact-resistant edges. The baseboard is smooth aluminium finish in white colour and insulating profile at the lower border, cutting-edge fittings, high-end soft-close hinges from the ‘Tiomos’ range by ‘Grass’ or similar and concealed shelf supports

  • Drawers and furnishings fully equipped with accessories and concealed electrical outlets, as the case may be

  • Counter, side supports and lateral panels (as the case may be depending on the design) in matte white KRION with integrated kitchen sink

  • Front panelling to counter with “XLight” black porcelain polished finish panels by PORCELANOSA-URBATEK’ or similar, according to the design, including LED lighting to light the said panels

  • High-end household appliances with integrated design and highly energy efficient, made up of the following elements:

  • Induction hob by ‘Miele’ or similar, extra wide with three ‘Power Flex’ cooking areas

  • ‘Pando’ or similar extractor fan in white glass flush with the ceiling, fully integrated into the space

  • ‘Miele’ or similar handleless oven in black glass with microwave with intuitive Touch and automatic programmes

  • ‘Miele’ or similar black glass steam oven for professional-level cuisine

  • ‘Miele’ or similar black glass wine fridge with FlexiFrame Plus and Push2Open for the most demanding wine lovers

  • Two plates warmer by ‘Miele’ or similar

  • ‘Miele’ or similar vacuum sealer

  • ‘Miele’ or similar integrated refrigerator

  • ‘Miele’ or similar integrated freezer

  • Copper-coloured designer mixer tap

  • ‘Miele’ or similar Vi Active integrated dishwasher

  • ‘Miele’ or similar washing machine, 8 kg capacity, located in the laundry room of the apartment’s storage room.

  • ‘Miele’ or similar dryer, 8 kg capacity, located in the laundry room of the apartment’s storage room.

  • Exterior finished with waterproofing outdoor white paint, according to the design

  • Interior walls and ceiling painted with smooth white plastic paint

  • Fully finished individual storage room for each apartment that has an independent entry-hall and vestibule, restroom, laundry room where appropriate and storage area where appropriate with direct access from the garage

  • Direct access to the apartment from the storage room by means of a private lift that connects the storage room to its corresponding apartment

  • Flooring in the storage room identical to the apartment, walls with white paint finish and plaster false ceiling

  • Access to the storage room from the garage by means of a CF armoured door

  • Parking for 3 cars for each apartment, with the exception of the penthouse apartments and those corresponding to block no. 1, which will have parking for 4 cars

  • Entry to the residential complex via gated entrance with security guard post and decorative fountain

  • Deactivated concrete, light grey finish, on vehicular access roads

  • Plot perimeter demarcated by an electro-welded metal fence and/or reinforced concrete wall or brick wall and/or brick wall with glass and/or plant screens where appropriate

  • Current design for vehicle access gates with automatic opening using remote control.

  • Current design pedestrian access gates.

  • Pergolas with concrete perimeter structure reinforced on site and interior aluminium panelling with geometry according to the design

  • Outdoor heated overflow swimming pool constructed with large ceramic tiles. Large rectangular shape, perfect for swimming, with a ‘bajo shelf’ area and ‘infinity’ area that seamlessly blends with the waters of the Mediterranean situated just a few metres away, as well as a further overflow swimming-pool for children. Saline chlorination water treatment and interior lighting with the option of colour changing

  • Garden wholly in a contemporary style, with automatic watering by means of sprinklers in areas of turf and trickle irrigation for the remainder

  • Paths lit by bollards and light projectors in particular areas of the garden

  • Direct access to the beach

  • ‘ORONA’ or similar lifts with 450 kg load capacity in communal areas and for the private lifts for each apartment


Emare is settled in one of the most privileged locations between Puerto Banús and Estepona, on a front line position of one of the best beaches and just few minutes from many different services and amenities like restaurants, shopping centres, golf courses, hospitals, schools, etc…

Nothing has remained at the expense of chance in the design and creation of Emare, giving rise to a dreamlike residential never seen on the Costa del Sol.

The views become endless from all the terraces in Emare, the elevation of the plot gives way to the enjoyment of the most amazing sunrises as well as the most incredible sunsets. The special design of the ample terraces with designer non-framed glass railings, blends perfectly the modernity of the materials with the functionality of the spaces as well as with the deep blue of the Mediterranean Sea.

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